Hand- drawn, hand-cut design. Every Bird Mafia design begins as cut paper imagined, drawn, and cut by artist Emily Brown.

Curious Beast : A group show benefiting Q Center

Curious Beast : A group show benefiting Q Center

For the third autumn in a row, I have the pleasure of taking part in a benefit art show at Redux here in Portland. This little place has big character and is an art gem here in Rose City. Tamara, the owner, has a knack for finding some of the most interesting artists in the area and it’s a true honor to be among them.

“Redux presents a very special show featuring 18 local artists creating works based on a theme. Their personal interpretation of the theme, CURIOUS BEASTS, recognizes the hybridized creatures of their dreams, the mythical beasts of their imaginations, or the monsters of their nightmares. Each piece will have a short description and Raison d'etre, as conjured by their creator.”

Feline unfamiliar_papercut.jpg
Feline unfamiliar_framedsm.jpg

This little demon took the form of a cat...almost. As far as familiars go, she is pretty useless, but if you can get past her batty characteristics she'll love you regardless of her evil origins.

I was inspired to create this piece by my neighbor and his cat, Pocket. Pocket, a house cat with an adorably fluffy belly and gold eyes, has decided to rebel against her indoor life and vocalize her desire to see the world on the daily basis (loudly and unceasingly.) Pocket and I have had many conversations in passing about her new adventures. Her human believes she has been possessed.

curious beaats flyer.jpg

Join us for a night of art and merriment as we gather to meet, drink and celebrate a diverse array of Curious Beasts.

A portion of the proceeds of art sales go to the Q Center, a local non-profit offering a wide variety of community support & services to LGBTQ2SIA people of all ages, races, genders and abilities.

Refreshments Sponsored by Precept Wine, featuring 4 varieties of locally produced Curious Beasts wine to be served to our guests at the reception.

Featuring art by:

Amelia Opie

Brent Wear

Davey Cadaver

Emily Brown

Emmanuel Hele

Heidi Elise Wirz

Jeannie L. Paske

Jesus Galvez 

Karla Yvette

Katt Sarro


OCTOBER 4th, 2019

6-9pm; Opening Reception

811 E. Burnside st #116

Portland, Oregon

Silent Auction for Vital Actions

Silent Auction for Vital Actions