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Paper Tigers -Episode 2, Papercutting

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The Art of Papercutting | Emily Brown

Papercut artist, Emily Brown, creates intricate designs that capture the beauty of nature. Click follow for more episodes.

Posted by Paper Tigers on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Check out Episode 2 of Paper Tigers on Facebook Watch. It's a fantastic and interesting look into my medium and my process. This was such an amazing experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

A special thanks to Kin Community, the creators of Paper Tigers, for their kindness, patience, and respect, And for this gorgeous video and this series for it's beautiful celebration of paper arts.

Holidays are coming

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Wow, the holidays are almost here! This year has flown by. Don't let the stress build, we've been working hard to make it easier for you. We've updated with you in mind:

  • New products to the website
  • Lower prices on art prints
  • Lower prices on pillows
  • Lower and more accurate shipping costs
  • Gift cards are now available

Get the gift planning done early, so you can get back to what the holidays are for - appreciating the ones you know and love. Here's to good gifts and good times!